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My Photography

I've struggled with the meaning of home for as long as I can remember, its physical form recreating itself around me from Trinidad to America. But home was a physical sense of place for my family and more of an emotional one for me, the feeling of being ripped from the islands haunting me well into adulthood. I found myself floundering, unable to call any one space my home, much preferring to refer to it as the place I lived. After I got married, my husband always questioned why I called Trinidad "home-home", my parents place "home", and our apartment "our home". Inadvertently I'd created a way for myself to navigate the layers of home as it happened around me. And then we created children and home took on yet another meaning. In 2016 I visited my husband's home in the south of Poland and so much of his place in the world, this space he left behind resonated with me--his family, food, culture, landscape--that I could see myself living there with him and our family as well. Place resonates deeply with me in my writing and takes precedence in the photos I take wherever I happen to be. I'm not claiming to be a photographer, I'll leave that to someone else. This is just another medium to parse through more layers of the self. (This page is under construction, more photos to come)

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