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Secrets We Kept: Three Women of Trinidad

" A powerful, disturbing narrative in which pain flows out from the page, drenching readers. " - Kirkus Reviews

Published Works


2018 She Geeks Out

2018 The Wrath-Bearing Tree

2018 Dr. Alvin

2018 NJCU



2018 "A life-Threatning Pregnancy on a C-Section Scar" The New York Times.

2018 "Undocumented Lovers in America" Catapult.

2018 "The Incident" PREE

2018 "Of The Island Home We Chose To Leave" LitHub.

2018 "Witness" AAWW's The Margins.

2017 "The NICU Never Leaves You" Today's Parent.

2016 "When Immigration Agents Came Knocking" The New York Times Magazine. (A version of this article appears in print on December 4th 2016 as "At the Threshold")

2015 "Milk Machine: One Donor Mom's Journey" Brain, Child.

2015 "Are You the Nanny?"

2015 "Tantrum" Akashic Books.

2012 "Blurry Lines" 100 Word Story.



2010 "Master" Instigatorzine, Issue 5

2010 "A String of Pearls" OneHundredPlusWords.



2012 "Ode to the Carribbean Writer" The Review Review.

2012 "Minimalist Poetry; Very Short Prose: A Recipe for Particular Tastes" The Review Review.



2012 "Interview with Mary Cappello: Pedagogy and Creative Writing" Instigatorzine, Issue 16.

2011 “An Interview with Margaux Fragoso on the Writing Process”  The Tottenville Review, Issue 4. 2011.


Book Reviews

2014 “The Weight of a Feather and Other Stories” by Judy Croome

2014 “Twitterstories” by Darren Cormier

2014 “Leaving the Hall Light On” by Madeline Sharples.

2013 “Heart Warriors” by Amanda Adams