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Upcoming Events


3/13/19 Hunter College presents Krystal A. Sital reading from Secrets We Kept for Women's History Month. HW 206 5:30-7PM. Q&A to follow. 


3/16/19 "In Conversation With Change" United Methodist Church, Third Street, Frenchtown NJ. 5-7PM.


3/26/19 "Mothers and Grandmothers: Stories of Love and Defiance" New Jersey City University GSUB 129. 6-8PM.


AWP: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

3/29/19 "Collective Stories: Memoirists on Stories Not Solely Their Own" 4:30-5:45PM 

As memoirists, we are often faced with the task of examining the experiences—and the people—that have shaped us into complex beings. What happens when, as part of this process, we collectively interrogate our past and attempt to make sense of painful family memories? Panelists reach across geography, culture, history, and politics to offer insight into diverse ways to research and write the intergenerational narrative and address the ethics of curating a story that reaches far beyond one's own. 

3/30/19 "Scattered: Homes Throughout the Asian Diaspora" 10:30-11:45AM

Three acclaimed memoirists—graphic and prose—hailing from three very different parts of the Asian diaspora come together to read excerpts from their recent works and to discuss what it means to write about the many versions of homes that take on a life of their own within these books. When homes become ethereal, bonds among women and between generations help to solidify history in time and space throughout the Asian experience.


4/6/19 The Muse and the Marketplace. Park Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA. 4:30-5:30PM

"Writing in the #MeToo Era"

Memoir writing often stems from (or is steeped) in #MeToo-themed trauma, like harassment, assault, abuse, or incest. But what does it mean to write those stories in nonfiction, and move through the steps of sharing them with the world? In this discussion, we will examine various contemporary memoirs where authors have written about such hard truths. We will tackle questions like: How do details function in the writing of traumatic histories and stories? What personal identifying markers should I include? How much psychic distance is necessary in writing these stories? What is the potential backlash, both online and in person, and how can I mitigate this or be prepared? Come prepared for a frank and important discussion.


5/1/19-5/5/19 Bocas Literary Festival. Trinidad and Tobago.


08/23-19-08/25/19 Hippocamp Writing Conference

8/25/19 "Don't Call Me Brave: Three Memoirists On Writing and Publishing Hard Truths Before, During, and After the #MeToo Movement" 9-10AM 

8/25/19 "Oh You Write? That's Interesting!: A Panel On Writing While Parenting"10:15-11:15AM


1/13/20-1/17/20 Key West Literary Seminar




Past Events:


2/18/19 Memoir Mondays at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn. 7-9PM


1/30/19 Table of Contents Reading at EGG Resturant in Brooklyn alongside Idra Novey and Anna Pitoniak. Chef Evan Hanczor. 7-9PM


September 25th Krystal Sital in conversation with Jean Kirch, David Cohen, and Helen Archontou, and Dr. Marciana Popescu on the #MeToo movement.

Fort Lee Library, NJ. 7PM


September 8th Slice Literary Writer's Conference Mentors, Muses and Menaces: How Writers Who Came Before Us Shape Our Work Today. St. Francis College, 6th floor. NY. 4:30-5:40 PM


August 24-26th: Hippo camp: A Conference for Creative Nonfiction Writers

August 24th: A Night of Nonfiction Debut Author Readings and Discussions 6:15-7:45 PM

August 25th: Behind the Prose of Krystal Sital's Secrets We Kept with Keysha Whitaker 1:45-2:45 PM

August 26th: Behind the Prose Chat and Chew With Krystal Sital 12:15-1:15 PM

Lancaster, PA



Saturday July 21st Kweli International Literary Festival. Women Writing Trauma: Krystal A. Sital Cinelle Barnes, and Crystal Wilkinson.

The New York Times Building. 1-2PM


July 12th 2018 Word Presents Krystal Sital for Secrets We Kept in conversation with Sheila Kohler.

Words Bookstore, Jersey City 7:30PM-9PM 


June 27th 2018 Borders of the Heart: Writers Read to Support Migrant Families.

Montclair, NJ 7:30-9:30PM


Thursday June 14th Highland Park Human Relations Book Club Presents Krystal A. Sital.

Highland Park, NJ 7-9PM


June 13th 2018 Hunter Reads at Shakespeare & Co: Krystal A. Sital, Alcy Leyva, Angel Eduardo, and Jamie Lynn Harris.

Shakespeare & Co. New York 6:30-9PM


June 9th 2018 Maplewood South Orange Book Festival: Memoir It's All Relative with Lisa Romeo, Pamela Druckerman, and Andrea Jarell.

The Woodland Parlor, Maplewood 11AM-12PM


June 1st 2018 Calabash International Literary Festival. World Travellers: Krystal A. Sital, Thrity Umrigar, and Josh Jelly-Schapiro.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica 7-8:30PM


April 5th 2018 Secrets We Kept: Writing the Indian Caribbean. Krystal A. Sital in conversation with Gaiutra Bahadur.



March 16th 2018 Words Bookstore of Maplewood. 7-9PM


March 13th 2018 Krystal A. Sital presents SECRETS WE KEPT



March 8th 2018 Krystal A. Sital in conversation with Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

Greenlight Bookstore (PLG) 7:30PM


Feb 28th 2018 Weeksville Heritage Center 6:30-8:30PM


Feb 8th 2018 Behind the Book Reading Series. Presenting with Will Boast and Katia D. Ulysses. 

KGB Bar 7-9PM


Sept 25th 2017 New Perspectives | Day of Dialogue. In conversation with Uzodinma Iweala, Akwaeke Emezi, and Lauren Hilgers

Brooklyn Public 2-5PM

AWP 2019